The paper presents young female patient with bilateral optic nerve drusen and standard automated perimetry, B-scan ultrasonography, CT, OCT, HRT, GDx, 


Line scan images with a 4.0-mm diameter (radius, 2.0 mm) that were obtained from the fast optic disc scans on optical coherence tomography. The images represent a normal optic nerve (A), optic nerve head drusen with moderate (B) and marked (C) elevation, and optic disc edema with mild (D), moderate

The current methods of diagnosing optic nerve head drusen include direct visualization with ophthalmoscopy, fundus photography (Figure 1A), autofluorescence with fluorescein angiography (Figure 1B), computerized tomography, and B-scan ultrasonography (Figure 1C). The patient has optic disc protrusion caused by optic disc drusen. B. The PHOMS (red overlay) surrounds a large portion of the optic disc causing blurred margins. C. Optic nerve head scan in a patient without blurred disc margins. No PHOMS is visible and there is no disc protrusion. Asterisks indicate ODD. Red arrows indicate blood vessels.

B scan optic nerve drusen

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Discrete foci of hyperfluorescence with late staining of the drusen. B-scan ultrasound is helpful in detecting buried drusen. B-Scan Ophthalmic Ultrasound. A readily available and reliable method for the definitive diagnosis of optic nerve drusen, especially when they are buried.

Left optic nerve mass with no chiasmatic extension impressive of optic nerve glioma. I had NO IDEA how I got from Point A to Point B, from my vow to my misbehavior. Drusen | Radiology Case | Radiologi, Radioapparater, Hjärna, Fodral, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan of a normal brain.

Fundus autofluorescence (FAF) imaging and retinal nerve fiber layer thickness analysis with spectral domain OCT was normal. EDI OCT of the optic nerve heads showed an … Optic Nerve Drusen Buried drusen Superficial drusen Optic nerve drusen Deep drusen resembling edema CT scan showing drusen Gross photo of sagittal cut Anterior to lamina cribrosa Basophilic-staining calcium deposits. Calcified and hyalinized deposits anterior to lamina cribrosa.

B scan optic nerve drusen

Drusen of the Optic Nerve. Drusen can also occur in the optic nerve. These drusen are made up of protein and calcium salts and generally appear in both eyes. Unlike the drusen associated with AMD, optic nerve drusen (also known as optic disc drusen) are not related to aging, may be inherited, and typically appear in children.

B scan optic nerve drusen

Introduction. It is vital to differentiate optic disc drusen  20 Apr 2017 Assessing the optic nerve head for buried drusen · Trauma with poor view of the fundus to demonstrate vitreous hemorrhage or retinal detachment  9 Oct 2017 Differentiating disc drusen, especially those that are buried and not visible for FAF to not visualize the drusen, and we must rely on B-scan.

B scan optic nerve drusen

Papilledema PDF) Optic disc drusen mimicking papilledema in an infant . Optic Nerve Swelling (Papilledema) - Harvard Health. I ( b ) viks anordningen för att visa sin flexibilitet.
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B scan optic nerve drusen

Noël LP, Clarke WN, MacInnis BJ. Distinguishing between anomalous elevation of the optic disc caused by buried drusen and true papilledema can often be clinically difficult. Funduscopy showed bilateral optic disc edema. Findings on brain imaging were normal, and a diagnosis of idiopathic intracranial hypertension was confirmed after lumbar puncture showed an elevated opening pressure of 32 cm H(2)O.

Noël LP, Clarke WN, MacInnis BJ. Distinguishing between anomalous elevation of the optic disc caused by buried drusen and true papilledema can often be clinically difficult.
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av H Åkerblom · 2015 — Macular thickness and retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness were scans, are merged together to create b-scans, and several b-scans are used to create a “optic nerve head program” which makes 512 a-scans in a circle with a di- ameter of 3.4 mm Macular dysfunction in drusen maculopathy 

; When drusen are buried deep in the nerve and invis 2019-09-05 Optic disc drusen are small collections of hyaline material located within the head of the optic nerve (CN II) at variable depths 1-3. The earliest signs of drusen formation histologically are small globular or plaque-like deposits in Bruch membrane of hyaline material, present in the majority of individuals, and perhaps congenital in nature 3 . Drusen of the Optic Nerve.

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B-scan ultrasonography is recognized as the most sensitive and reliable method for diagnosing optic nerve head drusen. 1 Fine-slice computed tomography through the optic nerves is also an

Since children as well as adults are affected, it is important to consider optic nerve head drusen in the differential diagnosis of papilledema or optic nerve swelling. Definition Standardized A-scan echography also helped to confirm the diagnosis of pseudotumor cerebri (2 patients) and optic neuritis (2 patients), emphasizing the need for performing a thorough evaluation before attributing clinical findings of an ophthalmoscopically abnormal optic nerve head to optic disc drusen. The B‐scan provides a bidimensional anatomic image of the optic nerve head, and the A‐scan enables the cross‐sectional measurement of the ONW. Detection of the ‘doughnut’ or ‘crescent’ sign in the B‐Mode, an ONW of >3.3 mm in the retrobulbar area as observed in the A‐Mode, or a positive 30‐degree test was considered positive US findings. When the clinician was not certain of the patient's race, the patient was asked to report their race. We included only black patients who had ONHD confirmed on either fundus examination or B-scan ultrasonography.